Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Kirmes and exceptional food.

Damn, it was a very good day. At first we have eaten some selfmade cakes, with cream. (no photos - my camera was at home)
 My seven-year-old cousin, named Lina, wanted to take a walk, so we decided to visit some animals. Horses, cows, caprines and rabbits. But on the way we heard some music, and some people screaming, and my aunt told us here is Kirmes. So we decided to go there. We took a ride on Love-Express and then she went on a children-roundabout. On a police-motor-cycle. It was so funny. 
I'm so angry cause of my camera, don't matter it's over. 
Only 6 days working *-* I'm so crazy, I want to finish this thing. 

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